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Group dance classes for adults

Our social group dance classes program is created to introduce different dance styles variations and beautiful patterns of steps in consecutive times of a month or two, that will give the dancers the ability to learn a dance, suitable for any social occasion. After completing just one month of our Latin group classes, you will have ready dance choreography and enjoy the rhythm of cha cha or salsa wherever you get the chance to dance. If you take our dance course in ballroom dance at least for 2 months, we will help you learn how to waltz or tango wherever you feel like it. You can be a beginner in dancing and want to learn how to move on the dance floor or you can be an advanced level dancer, you can always benefit from the small group size classes by learning the steps all together or refreshing some dance styles in ballroom and Latin dancing for a special occasion. With the professional help and guidance of the instructor, you will be able to learn how to combine different steps confidently in no time. We work on two dance styles during the period of a month and structure the classes to create a full routine that can enable everyone to memorize and use the steps in any social set up! The group lessons in our dance studio are very friendly and a great mix of fun and social experience, while enjoying the gift of dance.

Happy Clients

Dance lessons

“My husband and I have been learning ballroom dancing for 8 years. Viara is a wonderful teacher – patient, graceful and talented. She is an amazing choreographer, the one that can customize the dance routine for every student’s abilities, the one that thinks about every detail of the costume and steps, the one that makes sure that regardless of your level, you look your best on the dance floor. This studio creates the sense of a community, we’ve become friends with other students, celebrate so many holidays together, and, of course, dance and have fun together!”

Anna Rubinstein

Professional Dance Classes Reviews

"Viara is an amazing dance teacher. She is professional and patient. No matter your skill level, Viara's way of teaching makes you feel confident, relaxed and allows you to enjoy moving to the music. Dancing at Viara's studio is a very enjoyable way of exercising. Her studio has a very warm and inviting atmosphere. After every class, I walk away full of energy and beautiful emotions. Thank you, Viara!"

Tatiana Antonova

"Dance Fire Studio is a great place to learn Latin Dance. Viara is an amazing dancer and an excellent instructor. She is very knowledgeable and patient. She is able to explain a move ten different ways until one clicks in my head. My skills have improved quickly and classes have been so much fun."

Carol Lue