7 Benefits of Ballroom Dancing for Kids

May 25, 2020

Ballroom Dancing is one of the most fascinating activities that a human can indulge into. A ballroom dancing for kids is no exception.

Discovering this beautiful activity can start from a very early age if parents are well informed about how beneficial ballroom dancing is for kids. As parents, we always try to do the best for our kids, make them safe and protected, provide them with the best possible education, keep them socially engaged with the best social environment.  Dance is usually overlooked and not very high on the list of the activities that kids may consider, because it is not a very “profitable” activity such as tennis, soccer, hokey or others. But after reading this article, you may find out that Ballroom dance is a powerful and unique way to enrich your life and, most of all, it can benefit your child in many different ways.

Benefits of Ballroom Dancing for Kids      

Having a good time is crucial for developing healthy, both mentally and physically individuals. The neurochemicals released while listening to music, smiling, or laughing cannot be reproduced even in the most sophisticated lab. Fun equals less stress and more social connections. Who wouldn’t want to be around someone fun?

Active Lifestyle For Kids

Dancing has a very high physical demand on the human body unlike any other sport. During the ballroom dance lessons there are countless repetitions of different elements- more and more synapses form a network of mind-muscle connections. It requires a lot of Stamina, flexibility, and muscle development that are very positive physical built up for children. If your child is participating in a ballroom dance program, soon the youngster will start to control his cores, arms and legs muscle in unison with Latin or Ballroom music, creating rhythmic pulses. Scientists have found time and time again, a direct correlation between healthy, coordinated bodies, and happiness!

Posture and Physical Awareness in Kids

Latin and Ballroom dance classes can help to develop the awareness of posture and body alignment from a very early age.  As a dance teacher, I see poor posture, first hand every day! It is quite devastating to see kids coming in the studio with what medical personal calls “computer neck.”  Posture is a dynamic alignment, I don’t think any particular exercise can fix it if we are not aware of our bodies, and awareness is what ballroom dancing can teach our kids. Good posture manners are built on perception and the sense of the relative position of one body segment to another. The major part of our dance instruction is related to improving the children’s posture and awareness of their bodies.  

Social Benefits

Teamwork is an essential skill for anyone to learn. In dance group lessons, your child can do it in a fun atmosphere, while making new friends and moving rhythmically to the beats of Ballroom and Latin music. On the other hand, partner dancing, moving together with someone else boosts the sense of trust and cooperation. During dance group classes your child will build social skills that would be essential for his future development.  


Whether your child will take on competitive ballroom dancing or will do dance just for fun, discipline is one of the core benefits that Ballroom Dancing would provide. The structured approach of Ballroom Dance lessons will teach the little dancers of good discipline and concentration at the same time.

Developing Greater Self Confidence

Achieving good posture from an early age, being able to walk elegant, being able to learn this challenging cha cha pattern of footwork, moving ahead to the next level with graceful moves on the dance floor, all that builds self-confidence and awareness of the children while providing them with a situation challenging enough to make them grow. At our dance studio the program for kids encourages the young dancers to believe in their own abilities and grow confident as young adults.

Developing Taste for Beauty

Ballroom Dancing is an Art and Sport at the same time. That unique mixture of beauty, body posture and alignment with practice and training eventually develops into a kid’s love for beauty and grace altogether. No matter what dance the young dancers learn, waltz, tango, rumba, cha cha or jive, they get exposed to beautiful outfits and a required dress code, that is important on the dance floor for their presentation during dance competitions or shows. Beauty in Ballroom and Latin dance is everywhere, in their hairstyling, classy outfits, elegant footwork and amazing posture, all that can be great exposure for the children to grow with a certain sense of grace.

If you are in Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket or Vaughn area, please drop by to our elegant and modern facility and let your children try some of our kids’ program classes. You would be amazing what a difference you would find in your child after a few months of dance activity.

Happy Clients

"One of the best decisions that my wife and I made was to join the Dance Fire Studio. Our dancing has helped us become healthier, happier, and more confident. The Group Classes have allowed to make some new friends. Our dance teacher, Viara , is very committed and dedicated to helping her students become the best they can be in all aspects of their lives through their dance experience."

Frank and Joanne Degli Angeli

“We joined Viara’s Dance Fire Studio over a year ago and it's been a very enjoyable experience. In a short period of time, she equipped us with eye-catching graceful dance routines for the dance floor. There is great camaraderie during the group classes and the Dance Studio is ideal to train for and practice the routines. Definitely recommend the Studio as the environment and Viara's teaching style is very conducive to learning.”

Savio and Jennifer Da Costa

Group Dance Classes in Richmond hill

"Viara emphasizes on solid ballroom and latin dance foundations, choreographs beautiful routines, and challenges us to dance better with elegance and passion. We have fun during lessons, enjoy our dance more, and dance with more confidence. Highly recommended instructor for all levels and ages."

Henry Budiatmanto

Dance lessons

“My husband and I have been learning ballroom dancing for 8 years. Viara is a wonderful teacher – patient, graceful and talented. She is an amazing choreographer, the one that can customize the dance routine for every student’s abilities, the one that thinks about every detail of the costume and steps, the one that makes sure that regardless of your level, you look your best on the dance floor. This studio creates the sense of a community, we’ve become friends with other students, celebrate so many holidays together, and, of course, dance and have fun together!”

Anna Rubinstein

Professional Dance Classes Reviews

"Viara is an amazing dance teacher. She is professional and patient. No matter your skill level, Viara's way of teaching makes you feel confident, relaxed and allows you to enjoy moving to the music. Dancing at Viara's studio is a very enjoyable way of exercising. Her studio has a very warm and inviting atmosphere. After every class, I walk away full of energy and beautiful emotions. Thank you, Viara!"

Tatiana Antonova

"Dance Fire Studio is a great place to learn Latin Dance. Viara is an amazing dancer and an excellent instructor. She is very knowledgeable and patient. She is able to explain a move ten different ways until one clicks in my head. My skills have improved quickly and classes have been so much fun."

Carol Lue